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May 2023


Jake Hollar Dryft Digital CEO

Jake Hollar

If you’re a content creator, you need to lock in this Pictory.AI lifetime deal. Get 10% off any Pictory.AI plan today and keep that 10% off for life.

Do you have blog posts but want reels to promote them?

Copy and paste the text section you love, click a button, and Pictory.AI creates a video for you in just minutes.

Do you have webinars or YouTube videos?

Extract the best moments from your long form content and turn them into sharable, eye-catching teasers and take them to the next level.

Because more people watch video content, Pictory.AI is the perfect way to grab attention and draw people to your product or brand.

Don’t spend your precious time learning video editing. Or your money paying someone to do it for you.

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What is Pictory AI? 

Pictory.AI is a cloud-based AI with access to an enormous array of video clips and a premium library of music tracks.

You even get access to more than 6m premium licensed images.

Depending on the plan, you can create 10-20 minute short videos for a fraction of the cost of hiring a video creator or editor.

You input a text script and get a copyright-free, narrated, subtitled, a visual masterpiece in minutes.

pictoryai lifetime deal

Upload one of your own videos and Pictory.AI will transcribe and subtitle your work in minutes. Extract short video highlights or finesse long videos.

Instead of timeline-based video editing, just edit the script in the text window. Delete a sentence from the editor and that sentence disappears from the video.

Pictory AI Basic Info

Product NamePictory.AI

Use for
Long form content, Music tracks, Video clips,
Social media platforms, Just minutes videos, Branded intro
FREE AccountFREE PictoryAI
Premium AccountPremium PictoryAI
Best forVloggers, Content Creators, Marketers
CompetitorsSynthesia, Vidnami,Fliki
Our Rating4.9/5
Affiliate Program Pictory Affiliate Program

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Pictory.AI Review / Ratings

Don’t take our word for it. Pictory.AI has a 94.7% likely-to-recommend score on Capterra.

4.7/5 on G2 (44 total reviews)
4.8/5 on feefo (68 total reviews)
4.6/5 on Trustpilot (65 total reviews)

Check out this May 2022 4-star review on Trustpilot:

Pictory really simplifies your work.

Pros: I like how everything is structured. Very simple to use and I like that you can find stock footage for almost everything.

Cons: The software had some issues with the text appearing on the screen (even though I click to not appear) and sometimes the voiceover was a little high-pitched. But the issues were solved thanks to the Pictory’s team.

Pictory is really good for a content creator because you have all the tools and features to make great videos. And it saves you time.

Mihai Chirila

Pros and Cons of Pictory AI


  • Cloud-based: fast on any device, no download
  • No commitment: start for free, no credit card required
  • Easy: user-friendly and simple UX/UI, supports videos aspect ratios
  • Customer Service: their team goes above and beyond to help with any issues you may have
  • Branded: make it yours with branded intros – upload your own visuals & videos premium library
  • Copyright Free: 3 million+ video clips/images & 15000 music tracks uploaded, all royalty-free & high-quality


  • No Auto Translation: support for English-only right now
  • Storage: could have better file storage & organization for finished trailer video clips
  • Detailed Editing: because of the simplicity of the editing system, you can’t make detailed changes easily

Pictory AI Key Features

Easy Editing: Choose different key ideas in the text, view similar visuals, select aspect ratios, personalize styles, adjust voiceovers, and edit background visuals and music tracks.

Branding: Add your logo to each slide, record your own voiceovers, and upload your own videos or images and take your social media engagement to the next level.

Bonus Features:

  • Outro Standard Library
  • Audio Selection Search
  • Text to Speech
  • Remove Filler Words & Silences
  • Auto Highlights Trailer Video Clips
  • Automatic Subtitles Auto Highlights
  • Over 6 Million Licensed Stock Images
  • Create Video Highlights & Shorter Clips
  • B Roll Export Subtitles & Upgraded Stock Media Assets
  • Auto Summarize, Transcribe or Caption Long Videos (great for demo or video podcasts)

Pictory AI Examples

pictory ltd

Article to Video: Enter the URL for a published blog. Pictory chooses the most important ideas and creates a video with an image or video for each sentence of your summary.

Script to Video: Paste your script into the editor. Choose your aspect ratio and watch as Pictory.AI creates a fully adjustable storyboard in seconds & short video posts in minutes. Enjoy seamless text to speech narration on your final product.

Visuals to Video: Drag and drop compelling clips. Add tags and edit with the storyboard. Type text on scenes, logo scene transition styles, color themes, branding, and much more.

Edit Videos Using Text: Drag and drop a video. Upload and view the video transcription. Add B-roll to long form content. Edit the video by finding and deleting words in the text editor.

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Step-by-Step Guide: Pictory.AI

1. Visit the website: pictory.ai

2. Create an account by signing up with your email address

3. Log into the Pictory AI tool

4. Select the project you want to work on

  • Script to Video
  • Article to Video
  • Edit Videos Using Text
  • Visuals to Video

5. Collect visual material by uploading images or videos from your computer or device storage

6. Organize your visuals in folders and sort them per task

7. Select a specific visual recognition task, such as object/animal/person detection, scene classification etc.

8. Use the Pictory AI tool’s interactive dashboard and configure your image processing task accordingly

9. Run and monitor the results of your analysis and refine it when needed

Check this video for a detailed tutorial on Pictory.AI

Pictory AI Plans and Prices

Free version/trial

Try Pictory.AI for free. No risk. No credit card required.

FREE Pictory.AI

Premium version

pictoryai lifetime deal

Pictory.AI Lifetime Deal – 10%

Enjoy the 10% off Pictory.ai lifetime deal for any of these different accounts and save even more.

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PictoryAI Lifetime Deal

Pictory AI Alternatives

Synthesia: Choose from diverse AI avatars, accents, and speech-based emphasis. Create short videos with AI avatar narrators.

Vidnami (formerly Content Samurai): One of the original text to video AIs. Vidnami has fewer reviews and a higher price than Pictory.

Fliki: AI voices from children to adults with human-like emotions. Highlights trailer video clips and has similar functionality to Pictory but with fewer features and a lower price point.


pictory lifetime deal

Make Magic Happen – Try Pictory.AI Now

Final verdict on Pictory AI review: Would I recommend it?


Pictory.AI is a no-brainer for anyone with a web presence. Customers stay on websites with videos longer. Algorithms favor social media videos over text across social media platforms.

Save yourself the time and frustration of creating engaging digestible videos. Save the money you’re spending on transcription and voiceover software. Do it all in one place, quickly, and easily.

For anyone looking to create high-quality videos more quickly.

Pictory.AI is the best way to take your video creation to the next level! With its user-friendly interface and advanced AI technologies, it makes creating stunning videos faster than ever before. Plus, its intuitive analytics can help you measure success and optimize content for every platform or device.

Imagine being able to easily create professional-looking videos in a fraction of the time! Now with Pictory.AI, it’s possible!

Try Pictory.AI now and experience firsthand why it’s the top tool in video creation!

You’ve got nothing to lose with the free trial.

Take advantage of the Pictory lifetime deal and save even more.

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Why do people use Pictory AI?

Instead of sifting through stock image and video sites, pouring over editing software, or dealing with Otter.ai subscriptions, people use Pictory.AI:

  1. To extract those sharable social videos from long form content and make it sharable.
  2. To create summary videos from long form text in seconds that draws more people to your content.
  3. To edit videos, subtitle, or voiceover existing written and video content.

Social media engagement increases when you convert your long form vlogs into teasers. The high customizability of Pictory, from music alternatives to AI based text editing, sets it apart from the competition.

Is it possible for Pictory.AI to create video content of high quality?

Yes, Pictory.AI is capable of creating high-quality video content. Using advanced AI and machine learning, the platform generates compelling stories and visuals based on data and images provided by users. Furthermore, Pictory’s intuitive interface allows users to customize video scenes and add music or voiceovers to create a professional-looking video.

How is Pictory AI different than Canva?

Both have templates and can help you create branded content BUT Pictory.AI is a video creation platform while Canva is more static graphic design.

Create text-based social media posts, PowerPoint presentations, and branding elements with Canva. Create engaging videos for your website, across social media platforms, and YouTube with Pictory.AI.

Pictory’s AI technology can create video production ready assets. Easily transcribe lengthy videos, produce short video highlights, and create short social videos. Turn your long form content into engaging digestible short highlight videos.

Your competition uses AI to convert on their social media channels, why don’t you?

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