Copy AI Review:
Too Good to Be True?

May 2023


Jake Hollar Dryft Digital CEO

Jake Hollar


I’ll say what we’re all thinking: Copy AI sounds too good to be true.

“Write blogs in minutes. Write emails in seconds.
Save time, churn out quality content, and never stare at a blank page again.”

As a certified cynic, my marketing-Spidey-senses were tingling.

But… what if it works?

What if we never need to write another Instagram caption? Another blog outline?

What if infuriatingly empty Google Docs turn into a masterpiece? With a few magical clicks…

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Like you, I had to see if this was sales trickery or the real deal.

So I did a deep dive into the Copy AI world. And I’ll show you exactly what I found.

What is Copy AI?

Copy AI is your new best friend if writing takes up too much of your time, energy, or money.

Feel free to skip ahead if you’re only here for the big reveal ♦ But if you know the devil is in the details, let’s get into it.

Specifically, Copy AI is a content creation and copywriting tool rooted in GPT-3 model. With powerful natural language processing technology. Output is human-like written content resulting from more than 175 billion machine-learning parameters. Because GPT-3 uses a complex neural network, Copy AI is always learning and growing. (Which is both thrilling and terrifying.)

The limitations?

Any technology is only as effective as the human using it. And the data it’s fed.

The Good News: Copy AI’s interface made the input process basically idiot-proof. And the data set is a huge portion of the internet. With this dynamic duo, they claim you can write engaging, click-inducing copy 10x faster.

But what’s behind the homepage?

Copy AI website

Learn More

Copy AI Basic Info

To simplify marketing. To make effective content creation easy and accessible for everyone.

As AI evolves, Copy AI wants the AI to learn about your business and create a digital twin to help you grow.

Quick Stats

  • A for-profit start-up founded in 2020 by Chris Lu & Paul Yacoubian
  • Began with a tagline generator launched on Twitter
  • 11-50 employees
  • 4,000,000+ users

In one year Copy AI reached $2.4 million in recurring revenue from more than 5,000 users around the world

Promising Investments
Because they proved impressive growth, progress, and revenue, Copy AI Achieved Series A status in June 2022. As Series A, they were able to fundraise $11 million from investors. The new capital meant more employees. More features, faster fixes, and better infrastructure.

But will the price go up to earn stakeholders higher profits?

Copy AI is here to stay. They will not be one of the many AI services that disappear with your subscription money one random Wednesday.

But enough about the company line. What are the users saying?

See For Yourself

Copy AI Ratings & Reviews

On the surface, Copy AI has a decent number of reviews across all major tech platforms.

Let’s start with the overall ratings, see the percentage spread, and find out what their critics are saying.

You know a low-rater is honest. But we need to know if they’re highlighting a genuine problem with Copy AI. Or showing off their own user errors on a public stage.

Then, of course, we’ll check in with the super fan 5-star reviews for consistent themes. And the most important point of all.

Are their successful use cases relevant to you?

G2: Copy.AI 4.8/5 (159 reviews)

Copy AI G2 Review

Low Raters: Not a 1 or 2-star rating in sight. That’s either impressive or rigged. (Sorry, there’s that inner cynic again! Let’s go with impressive for now.)


Capterra: Copy.AI 4.6/5 (41 reviews)

Copy AI Capterra Review

Low Raters: On Capterra, Features and Value for Money receive the lowest scores. Which was still 4/5 generally.




  • Some users reported that niche content generation is not strong. Some facts and ideas generated on obscure topics were incorrect or irrelevant.
  • A few people didn’t like that Copy AI needs editing, especially on long form pieces. Copy AI just released some editing tools that seem to address these issues directly. But if you expect to avoid editing altogether, that can’t happen with any AI yet.
  • There is a single 1-star review for an issue with the app not working at all and customer service not responding fast enough. A single review like this may point to user error but let’s find out.


Trustpilot: Copy.AI 4.5/5 (160 reviews)

Copy AI Trustpilot Review

Low Raters: Trustpilot had a much higher 1-star count at 7% of the total. Sorting by recent shows 6/7 of the most recent are 1-star. 







  • Again, niche topics or quickly changing current events do not generate as well as general topics. I’ll get to my experience with this in more detail later.
  • The main low-rater complaint here is subscription rates confusion or changes and slow-to-react customer service refunds. According to the Way Back Machine, Copy AI pricing was $35/month in March 2021. It comes out to $36/month if you pay yearly now.
  • There were a few reports of login issues and glitches but they decreased over time. Which makes sense with an evolving technology and start-up company.

The idea of not having access when I needed it did worry me, though. So I checked to see if there was frequent app downtime. 

Copy AI Downtime

The recent activity shows excellent stability with two 6-hour overnight updates (red) and a few 1-3 hour single-feature disconnects (orange and green). I count that as the price of progress and new feature rollouts. I’m even more impressed because Copy AI displays its Uptime History proudly. You can even subscribe for updates. Not something a crash-prone service would do.

But enough of the nay-sayers. Let’s see what the true believers are talking about.

There are plenty of sparkling, shiny, glowing 5 stars. They agree:

-Copy AI is an “Incredible Time Saver”
-Easy to Use & Overcomes Writer’s Block
-Versatile Templates & Easy Work Flow Integration

The most common successful use cases:
Blog Ideas & Posts | Social Media Posts | Website Copy & Sales Landing Pages
Email Marketing Copy | Digital Ad Copy

Copy AI InfoGraphic

Copy AI is for: Anyone who needs quality content but doesn’t have the time, energy, or resources to write as much as they would like.

Well, that sounds like me (and it sounds like you if you’re still reading). So I had to test it out firsthand.

Get Started Saving Time

Pros and Cons of Copy AI

I can save you 7 days of Copy AI trial and error.

I tried every tool and process for you. Some I loved (Blog Wizard) and others were just okay (Name Generator).

I tried to trick the AI, fish out errors, and see if it could beat me at my own writing game.

Did I get a Thank You letter that mentions a cat I don’t have? Yes. But I also got scarily genuine and usable Thank You letters in the same list. It gave me hope that I could restart my social media posts without sinking hours into each one.

Take a look at the highlights to see if Copy AI is right for you.

Copy AI Dashboard


  • Excellent pricepoint for unlimited words
  • Great for inspiration, outlining & brainstorming
  • Extremely user-friendly plug-and-play experience
  • Customizable intention, goal, call to action & tone
  • Workspace and project organization all in one place
  • Specialized templates plus a freestyle tool for everything else


  • Some generated content is unusable, especially in niche topics
  • Product needs to be edited, especially the long form content
  • Free plan quickly runs out of characters

Check Reviews

Copy AI Key Features

Copy AI Tones

  • 90+ Tools & Templates
  • 5 Team Logins
  • 25 Languages
  • Custom Tones

1. Custom Tones – The Super Power of Copy AI: Writing in a brand voice makes a human copywriter better than AI. With Copy AI, you can choose a custom tone to set yourself apart and stay consistent.

2. Save More Time with Templates: Copy AI has templates that are specific like Facebook Listicles and Hashtag Generator so you can create exactly what you want in seconds.

3. Blog Post Wizard: This tool creates an outline, an intro, talking points, and a conclusion. It’s actually amazing. As long as your topic is broad enough.

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Copy AI Examples

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for. A look at Copy AI’s actual user steps and AI results.

Step-by-Step Guide: Copy AI

No matter what you create, the general steps are the same:

Step 1. Click the tool you want to use Copy AI Menu

Step 2. Answer the prompts

Step 3. Create Content

Step 4. Edit

Step 5. PublishCopy AI Hint








Emails and Letters

Copy AI Email

1. Choose from a template including Lifecycle, Nurture Sequence, Sales, Events, Follow-Up, or Cold Outbound.

2. Type in your main points (product, promo code), and structure (CTA, tie-in)

3. Choose or type in a tone

4. Create Content

5. You get multiple options in seconds. From here you can copy, save, remove or generate “more like this.”


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Blog Ideas and Posts

Copy AI Blog Example

1. Click Blog Post Wizard

2. Enter your blog title and keywords

3. Give details you want to be included

4. Choose a tone

5. Generate Content

6. You get an outline of H2s generated from your information

7. Add, delete, or move sections of your outline

8. Generate Content




Now you have a fully written blog post. Choose from write more, regenerate content, delete or move until you’re happy with your final product.

Copy AI Blog Example 2



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Product Description

Instead of agonizing over product descriptions, here’s a 5-second result. With a few tweaks, it’s good to go.

Copy AI Product Description





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Copy AI Plans and Prices

Copy AI Pricing


Generate 2,000 words per month with the free plan. No credit card required for the free account.


  • Access to 90+ AI copywriting tools
  • 7-day Copy AI trial of the Pro Plan
  • Unlimited Projects
  • The Blog Wizard
  • 1 user seat


  • Any non-English language options
  • Access to the newer features
  • Priority email support
  • Unlimited words

In exchange for your email address, you can use 28 AI-powered tools for free. The AI copywriting tools generate product descriptions, subject lines, bullet points, slogans, meta descriptions, and more.

Copy AI Free



Get FREE Copy AI



The Pro version of Copy AI is $36/month if you pay yearly. 25% more at $49/month for the monthly plan.

Copy AI Languages

But the real reason you need Pro is…

Copy AI Unlimited Words

You won’t run out of words after a few blog posts. You avoid upcharges for going over the AI limit (I’m looking at you, Jasper). Unlimited means you can be creative, take risks, and generate more content than ever before.

Copy AI Alternative

With great AI power comes… a lot of similar products. If you’re ready to be overwhelmed, check out the thousands of “AI writing” results. Let’s narrow down the categories:

Simple AI
Tools like Wordtune are much simpler. A Chrome extension with 2 tones choices. Has a much lower price point because it rephrases or summarizes your content.

Content Rewriter
If you want to create 100 unique articles from one piece of source content, these are for you. Spin Rewriter is an example. Tone is irrelevant for this AI.

Human Copywriter
Hiring a human takes more time to hire, longer to write, and generally costs more than AI. A great copywriter can outdo Copy AI but a bad one can’t.


Copy AI Comparison

Try Copy AI

Final Verdict on Copy AI Review: Would I Recommend it?

Yes. Copy AI won me over and I hope you’re ready to take the leap too.

I only regret I didn’t try it sooner.

Copy AI Star Rating

After all my research I can confirm:
I write blogs in minutes.
Social media posts in seconds.
And I haven’t stared at a blank page since I started.

I would happily pay more for the features Copy AI has now. But I’m glad I got in before their price rises to match the benefit.

The negative reviews boil down to user error, payment issues, or bugs that are being addressed.

Two exceptional use cases:
1. You’re trying to market yourself or your business. But you don’t have the time, energy, or writing skill to do it.
2. You want to market in a language that isn’t your own.

If you create content, you will save time and energy using Copy AI. If you make a living with views, clicks, or wordsmithing, Copy AI is a golden goose.



Which is better Jarvis or Copy AI?

Short Answer: Copy AI

Longer Answer: You’ve probably heard about Jasper AI (formerly Jarvis). It’s a great ai writing tool. Jasper has a 5-day money-back guarantee with 10,000 credits. But. Your credit card is required so you need to remember to cancel.

The Big Problem: Jasper has no standard unlimited plan. You wouldn’t believe how quickly your word count gets used up when you have a limit. Or how high your bill can go paying by the word.


How accurate is Copy AI?

It depends. The AI learns and generates content based on existing content. It reads the internet and compiles new sentences with the information it finds. Generally, Copy AI is scarily accurate.

But when does good AI go bad?

Very new developments in current events. For example, there is a documented history of tigers eating meat. If two days ago, all tigers became vegan, your AI blog about tigers will likely reference their meat-eating habits. Copy AI can’t assess real-time changes very accurately because it needs to access content about the topic to realize the change.

Niche subjects without a lot of information. If the AI doesn’t have much to draw from, it will fill in the gaps. And sometimes its imagination will not be based in reality. If you aren’t a public figure, Copy AI might guess that you’ve been in business for 10 years. Or that your net worth is $1M.

Topics with conflicting, debated, or widely discussed incorrect information. Will Copy AI get an event date wrong if several news outlets report different dates? Yes. Will it be able to place value or moral judgments on a topic? Not unless it’s already out there.


Is Copy AI free forever?

Yes. If you’re satisfied with 2,000 free characters every month. Of course, forever is a very long time so that situation might change. Even if Copy AI retired the free version, they didn’t collect your payment information so there’s no risk of surprise fees. With no downside, the free version is definitely worth a try.

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