Last Updated on January 2023

15 Best AI SEO Tools for AI Content Optimization in 2023

AI SEO Tools

AI SEO Tools: What are they?

Have you ever asked, “Where do I start with SEO strategy?” Or thought, “How can I simplify SEO processes?” Or found yourself repeating, “How do I get ahead of my competition?”

AI SEO tools are the answer.

AI powered SEO tools are Artificial Intelligence API guided Search Engine Optimization programs. AI SEO software combines huge data sets with intelligent algorithms. These tools learn from search engine patterns, infer user intent, and produce unbeatable AI content marketing tools and AI content optimization strategies.

Human SEO strategists take hours, days, or weeks to sift through google analytics data, competitors’ backlink analysis, keyword research tools, search engines’ rankings, and more.

In the time it took you to read that last sentence, AI SEO tools can create a full, actionable SEO strategy. Then it can write the content.

What are the advantages of Artificial Intelligence for SEO?

Save Time

  • Research your competitors with the click of a button
  • No guesswork, A/B testing, or long strategy meetings
  • Content outlines, first drafts, and final products in minutes

Find Opportunities

  • Analyze what content performs best in real-time, content improver a.k.a AI content optimization
  • Be the first to utilize new trends and fill gaps in the market
  • Keep your historical content evergreen with updated keywords

Increase Traffic

  • Use your AI insights to climb the SERP rankings and stay at the top
  • Produce more and better content faster to stay relevant and top of mind using ai copywriting software
  • Understand how your competitors are marketing and adjust your strategy by utilizing ai marketing tools

AI SEO tools are time-saving, opportunity-finding, and traffic-increasing powerhouses. If you aren’t using the right one for your business, it’s time to get started or get left behind.

Find your AI secret weapon right now.

Let’s review the best AI SEO Tools in 2023.

Best AI SEO Tool for Content Writing

  • Advanced Keyword Research
  • SERP Analysis
  • Page Auditor
  • Multiple Team Member Logins
  • NLP (Natural Language Processing)
  • Optimize and Track Your Website
content improver


  • AI Art addon
  • 26 Languages
  • GDPR & CCPA-Compliant
  • Plagiarism Checker 99.99% Original
  • Chrome Extension
  • Multiple User Accounts
contract review ai tools

Best Cheap AI Content Writing

  • Ecommerce, SEO Product Description Optimization
  • AI Art generators (Photosonic)
  • 24 Languages
  • AI Trained on 10% of the Internet
  • Chrome, Zapier, WordPress, Semrush, SurferSEO integration
top ai marketing platforms

15 Top AI SEO Tools to Outrank Your Competitors

1. SurferSEO: AI Growth Management & Content Writer

Simplify and gamify. Complete weekly tasks and see your stats change.

seo tools

A. Batched Tasks: SurferSEO’s AI sends you personalized, batched tasks at the end of every week. You complete the tasks and your website’s SEO improves.

B. Post-Publication Optimization: SurferSEO helps you plan, design, outline, and write your SEO content, but it also optimizes your past posts. Keep your historical content up-to-date with current keyword ideas.

C. Support: Have questions? SurferSEO’s support goes beyond simple customer service. Gain access to Surfer Academy, Webinars, and a Facebook community.

Surfer SEO lifetime deal with these features (across all plans):

  • Page Auditor
  • SERP Analysis
  • SEO Insights Weekly
  • Advanced Keyword Research
  • Multiple Team Member Logins
  • Optimize and Track Your Website
  • NLP (Natural Language Processing)

Benefits of Using SurferSEO


  • Connect to apps, across platforms, and to your Google Search Console (GSC)
  • Content improver – Post-publication optimization to keep your on-page SEO current and effective
  • Weekly task updates so you can spend most of your time moving your business forward
  • Personalized tasks address your specific needs so you don’t need to interpret the data, you just act


  • SEO keyword scores may not be as accurate for smaller niches or regions
  • AI content creation is not as seamless or effective as alternatives
  • Spanish and French functionality is not as good as English yet


surfer seo lifetime deal


Free Trial

Try a free version of Grow Flow and you get a 7-day money-back guarantee on any purchase.

With Grow Flow, you track and optimize 1 site using SEO queries once every 28 days. Get the Surfer SEO lifetime deal today!


2. Rytr: AI Writer & Content Generator

Rytr takes your input and approximately 15 minutes to write 1,000 words.

ig tool

A. All-in-One Writing: Use the SEO analyzer to find target keywords, and select your tone, and what you’re writing. Generate the AI content and edit for grammar directly in Rytr.

B. Mobile: Extensions and apps that work with or on almost anywhere you write. Slack, Teams, Outlook, Word, WordPress, Google Drive, and Social Media. Write wherever you are.

C. Blank Page Destroyer. Optimize content by skipping the brainstorming phase. This content creation tool gives you briefs, outlines, and finished products so you can spend time perfecting instead of creating.

Rytr lifetime deals with these features (across all plan levels):

  • 20 Tones
  • 30 Languages
  • AI Image Generator
  • 40+ Use Case Templates
  • Chrome Browser Extension
  • Plug-ins for WordPress, Shopify, Blogs, Email & Social
  • Built-In Plagiarism Checker, Grammar Checker & SEO Analyzer

Benefits of Using Rytr


  • Rated among the best AI writing tools by digital marketers
  • Tone and use case to tailor your message to your target audience
  • Affordable starting rate makes Rytr useful for solopreneurs and freelancers, lots of rytr discount
  • Rich text editor allows you to expand, improve, reword, or shorten with one click


  • Free version’s 10,000 words can get used up very quickly and you need to upgrade for customized use cases
  • No money-back guarantee and a human must edit the AI SEO content creation before you post it
  • The Rytr help community isn’t very large so support is limited


rytr ai writing tool lifetime subscription


Free Trial

Yes. You get access to the templated use cases, languages, tones, and plagiarism checker for free up to 10,000 characters per month. Check out rytr deals now.


3. Jasper.AI (Jarvis AI): Long-Form AI Writing Speedster

Choose a template, add details, generate content, and choose your favorite output.

ai seo tools

A. Time-Saving Templates: You don’t need to reinvent the wheel to rank on search engines. Most platforms have a layout that works best and Jasper capitalizes on that, making it easy to optimize content.

B. Jasper with Joy: Punny and personality-filled, Jasper can help you create engaging link-building content with personality.

C. Longform Content: Where some other AI SEO tools work to create better short-form content, Jasper can tackle long blogs and create content that doesn’t fall apart after 1,000 characters.

Jasper lifetime deal with these features (across all plans):

  • AI Art addon
  • 26 Languages
  • Chrome Extension
  • Multiple User Accounts
  • GDPR & CCPA-Compliant
  • Copyscape Plagiarism Checker 99.99% Original
  • In-Person 2023 Conference in San Francisco, CA

Benefits of Using Jasper.AI


  • Integrates with Surfer SEO for AI-Powered SEO
  • Fewer errors and a more natural voice than other writing-based alternatives
  • Templates that save you time by creating content that fits best on every platform
  • Free 45-minute Bootcamp to learn how to optimize your content through input and editing


  • There is no monthly rollover of unused words
  • Plans can get expensive because you pay per word
  • Unless you connect to Surfer SEO, you need to bring your own keywords


jarvis ai writing tool


Free Trial

Start a 5-day FREE trial with 10,000 credits. Check this website for jasper lifetime deal.

5-day FREE Jasper

4. Spin Rewriter: Bulk Rewriting in Seconds

Save time and create hundreds of unique articles from one piece of source content. Climb search rankings and build content for your SEO strategy.

best ai copywriting

A. Mass Export: You can spin 500 articles out of one source article. Simply choose the number of articles you want to export, if you want them all in one file or individually, and spin.

B. Emulated Natural Language: Spin Rewriter knows the difference between “read a book” and “book a trip,” which is more advanced than some other AI rewriters.

C. Don’t Spin your Keywords: Make sure your keywords don’t spin into their synonyms. Keep your SEO while producing hundreds of individual articles in seconds.

Spin rewriter. Features (across all plans):

  • Create additional paragraphs
  • API to integrate ENL into your own software
  • Compare to original content with one toggle button
  • Add videos, use a library of seed articles, or enter your own
  • Able to change full sentence structures without losing meaning
  • Run your article results through Copyscape to ensure unique content

Benefits of Using Spin Rewriter


  • Customize how unique or readable your rewrite will be using a sliding scale
  • Sounds human because of Emulated Natural Language (ENL) Semantic Spinner
  • Uses Convolutional Neural Networks (Google’s own ranking principals) to rank higher than other AI
  • Spin Rewriter has been around since 2011, they’ve adapted and improved and they aren’t going anywhere


  • While there are many affiliate review pages, Spin Rewriter does not have many third-party reviews
  • Currently limited to English only and articles with a maximum of 4,000 words
  • Upsells after the initial purchase including a fee for the WordPress plugin


spin rewriter.


Free Trial

Yes. While they say the 5-day free trial is limited, it’s almost always available for events like summer, Christmas, or back-to-school sales.

Spin Rewriter. FREE Trial

5. Writesonic: Customizable AI Content Writing Tool

Describe, specify keywords, choose your language and go. If you bring your plan and SEO to Writesonic, then you can create content quickly and at a lower cost than some competitors.

best ai copywriting tools

A. Editing Tools: Rewrite includes at least 2 options. Paraphrase, Expand and Shorten. All can be used in a word or a whole paragraph.

B. Social Optimizer: PPC (Pay-per-click) ads tools. Generators for Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Google, Facebook, and YouTube titles.

C. Customized Quality: Writesonic has a sliding scale. If you go with lower quality (Economy) words, you can use more words. Your articles won’t be as good but you can prioritize cost over quality if you need to.

Writesonic lifetime deal with these features (across all plans):

  • 24 Languages
  • Plagiarism-Free 99%
  • AI Art generators (Photosonic)
  • 70+ Templates from Quora Answers to eBooks
  • Ecommerce, SEO Product Description Optimization
  • AI Trained on 10% of the Internet (Billions of Parameters)
  • Chrome, Zapier, WordPress, Semrush, SurferSEO integration

Benefits of Using Writesonic


  • Many specialized templates from blog intros to listicle ideas to a product namer
  • Great for churning out social content so you can keep posting and gain organic traffic
  • Change quality settings to get the most out of your word count limits, which can cost less than competitors
  • Compare your keyword SEO efforts to your competition – avoid keyword stuffing with comparison & counting


  • Some clunky UI and some “coming soon” features like Research Mode and Workflows
  • No SEO evaluation or planning, just keyword extraction from a page you supply
  • Some articles (niche topics especially) need quite a bit of editing to be usable


best ai copywriting tools


Free Trial

Yes. 2,500 Premium words (or 25,000 Economy words). No credit card is required. Flexible trial if you talk with customer service.

Writesonic Lifetime Deal

6. Frase: Quick Content & Answers Writer

Find out what your audience is searching for. Write SEO outlines & briefs then optimize and check your analytics. chrome extension

A. 6-Second Briefs: Quickly create effective and highly-converting briefs. Use the “Write For Me” feature to auto-complete your own sentences. Automatic rewriting and paraphrasing are other great time savers.

B. Competition SEO Scoring: Directly compare your content creation with your competitors’ and the top search results to see what they’re doing (and what you’re not).

C. Opportunity Finder: See what pages are slipping on which search engines and identify opportunity keyword rankings or clusters that you aren’t ranking in yet.

Frase lifetime deal with these features (across all plans):

  • 8 Languages
  • Content Scoring
  • Custom Templates
  • Article Summarizer- Chrome Extension
  • Status Updates for Team Collaboration
  • Detailed & Personalized SEO Content Briefs
  • Tutorials, Supportive Community & Live Webinars
  • Google Search Console Data Analytics Integration

Benefits of Using Frase


  • Ability to share and store briefs and templates, which makes teamwork simple
  • Evaluate your content against competitors, optimize target keywords & internal link building
  • Unlock Pro Add-ons if you need more keyword searches, backlink data search results, or unlimited writing
  • Focused analysis of the top 20 SERP results instead of the whole internet, which gives higher-quality results


  • Not as integrated with apps or extensions as other options
  • Some niche writing isn’t as specific or clear as expected
  • Can become expensive with add-ons


best ai copywriting tools


Free Trial

Get a 5-day trial for $1 but it requires your credit card information.

Frase 5-day Trial

7. AISEO.AI: AI Writing Assistant

Whether you need a template, content improvement, or a fully AI-generated article, AISEO does it all.

seo tools

A. Simple Creation Workflow: Answer a few questions, like topic and keywords, then the AI creates a title, intro, and outline. Effective SEO strategy in one click.

B. Make it Readable: Beyond being coherent, AISEO uses a Hemingway-type text assessor to give you a readability score. Too high, and your audience will skim or skip.

C. Paraphrase: One-click Quillbot-style paraphrasing to help you push past writer’s block or create a new piece of content.

AISEO Features (across all plans):

  • 26 Languages
  • API & SERP Data
  • Chrome Extension
  • AI Image Generator
  • Convert Bullet Points to Paragraphs
  • Some Plans Have Unlimited Word Generation
  • Long-Form Assistant, Summarizing, Writing, Rewriting

Benefits of Using AISEO.AI


  • Create and edit copyright-free images to use in your articles
  • Topic ideas and readability scores make your content more accessible
  • All-in-one place writing tool, from ideas, titles and outlines to paraphrasing and rewriting
  • Project or platform-specific templates so you can create a Facebook ad or a blog post with ease


  • Some users on the credit-limited plans reported a bug where content didn’t generate but credits were spent
  • You can paraphrase and check readability for free with other programs 
  • The languages other than English aren’t as robust or effective




Free Trial

Yes. There’s a 7-day free trial. You can also test out the Paraphrasing Tool, Readability Improver, and AI Art for free.

AISEO 7-day Trial

8. WordAI: Advanced Content Rewriter

Save time, spend less, and increase content output with machine learning turned author, WordAI. This is one of the simpler AI tools on the list.


A. Rewriting: If you need multiple pages of on-page SEO but you don’t want to write 5 different articles, WordAI can help. Express the same idea in many different ways with just a click.

B. Human Quality: Using AI-powered natural language processing, results sound more human than other artificial intelligence writing programs.

C. Bulk: Input articles in bulk and WordAI will rewrite them as individual articles or combine similar topics to form something new.

Wordai Features (across all plans):

  • Improve Clarity or Quality
  • Attentive Customer Service
  • Enrich Text, Split Sentences
  • Bulk Upload & Export Feature
  • HTML Compatible and Code View
  • Restructure Sentences & Retain Meaning
  • Generates Text that Sounds Like Human-Made Content

Benefits of Using WordAI


  • Extremely easy to use: copy, paste, rewrite
  • API access so you can add WordAI to any workflow
  • Article Forge Integration takes 2+ articles about a topic and makes something new
  • Turn one article into several so you can rank with more content for search engine optimization


  • You need content already written for WordAI to rewrite it so it isn’t as versatile as alternatives
  • The price point is fairly high for limited functionality
  • No google analytics or true SEO features


any word ai


Free Trial

Yes. Free 3-day trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

FREE 3-day trial

9. Writecream: Compelling Cold-Email Openers

Create personalized icebreakers for LinkedIn and cold emails to increase your response rate.

writecream reviews

A. Generators: Writecream gives you access to several AI powered tools to generate content (from baby names to Etsy product descriptions) to help reduce concepting and writing time.

B. Go from Idea to Full Article in 24 minutes: Enter your concept, generate and outline, edit to your needs, then expand it into a full article. Use this product for YouTube voicovers or a podcast.

C. Gain Clients Through Pitching: Writecream scans your prospective client’s LinkedIn bio and writes a personalized icebreaker just for them. Increase your open rates and get more clients.

Writecream Features (across all plans):

  • Short Story & Email Writer
  • Product Description Generator
  • Create Outlines, Captions, & Titles
  • Article Writer, Rewriter & Rephraser
  • Slogan, Tagline & Brand Name Generator
  • Acronym, Bio, Attention Grabber Generator + AI Art
  • Digital Ad Copy (Facebook, Google & Instagram – LinkedIn & Twitter Coming Soon)

Benefits of Using Writecream


  • Updates and fixes are frequent and useful
  • Quora answer assist and product review assistance options
  • Copywriting ideas like feature-to-benefit and before-after-bridge included in AI
  • Instead of focusing solely on blog creation and SEO, Writecream also helps you pitch clients


  • Not mobile friendly, no video creation (only voiceover), and somewhat short for blog posts
  • Can read as generic depending on the LinkedIn bio of the person you’re pitching to
  • Credits on the credit-based plans get used up quickly compared to competitors


best ai copywriting software


Free Trial

Yes. Try the generators for free and use some credits for free every month.

Get FREE Every Month

10. Neuronwriter: Content Writer & Optimizer

From idea generation to content creation to keyword assessment, Neuronwriter does it all. Users gain an average of 14 rankings.

best ai copywriterA. Plan: SEO AI tools that start with user intent and see related topics. Assess your competition. Create drafts or fully optimized content strategies to increase your site’s authority and quality scores.

B. Create: Use SERP and NLP-based recommendations to write the most Google-friendly content possible. Choose from over 170 languages & rest assured with the built-in plagiarism checker.

C. Organize: Plan, tag, set priorities, share internally & with external copywriters. Filter your projects and mark them as complete all in one place.

Neuronwriter Features (across all plans):

  • 170 Languages
  • GSC Connectivity
  • Whole Site Content Planning
  • SERP and NLP Informed AI using GPT3
  • Quality Scores & Improvement Checklists
  • Excellent Organization & Workflow System
  • Internal Linking for Search Engine Optimization

Benefits of Using Neuronwriter


  • Ability to raise or lower AI SEO software quality to save credits
  • Find out which headlines, subheads, and body copy ranks the highest
  • Research content ideas, analyze your competitors, and get keyword difficulty scores
  • Superior results from Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 3 (GPT3) language prediction


  • Limitations on the number of plagiarism checks, content analyses, projects, and AI credits
  • No ability to embed video or create AI art
  • Not many third-party reviews available


ai blog writing tool


Free Trial

No free trial. But you’ll never get disappointed using this tool.

Try Neuronwriter

11. Describe & Creaite

Creaitor begins with AI SEO software-based assistants and templates. It also reduces the time a user spends manually analyzing blog outlines and word choices.

free online copywriting tools

A. Blog, Social & Website: Grow your content library and your social media presence quickly and effectively with artificial intelligence SEO software.

B. Natural Language Processing: Sound more like a human and climb search engine rankings on Google using the NLP guidelines in Creaitor.

C. Easy Input: Type the basic concept you want to write about and Creaitor will give you several options to choose from.

Creaitor Features (across all plans): 

  • SERP Beater Tool
  • AI Image Generator
  • Grammar Checker & Rephraser
  • 25 Languages & 40+ Templates 
  • Blog, Story Creator, Product Description & More
  • Bulk Processing & API Available By Request Only
  • Some Copywriting Strategies (eg. Pain Agitate Solve)

Benefits of Using SpyFu


  • Adjust creativity and tones for your own unique brand voice
  • Intuitive text editor that can write, rewrite, and expand your ideas
  • Generate keywords and see how you rank against top competitors
  • Translate across 25 languages so you can increase your content’s reach


  • Some reviews claim that the SERP Beater isn’t as useful or effective as competitor SERP features
  • Some templates or specific niches produce incomplete content
  • The credit-based model can be frustrating


free copywriting tools


Free Trial

Yes. Try a 20,000-character version of the Basic plan for free. No credit card required for trials.

Free Basic Plan

12. Copy AI: Simple AI Writer

How it works: Choose a template, give context, specify a tone, then choose from multiple option results, finalize, and publish.

ais multi tool sensor

A. Idea Generator: Concentrating on blogs, social media posts, and email marketing, removes blank-page paralysis by generating ideas in seconds.

B. Templates: has templates that are specific like Nurture Sequences and Lifecycle Emails so you can create exactly what you want with the push of a button.

C. Outlines: Fine-tune your outline before you generate your final copy. Don’t like a subheading? Change it out for something else and then make the magic happen.

Copy.AI Features (across all plans):

  • 25 Languages
  • Group Buy up to 5 Team Logins
  • 90+ Tools & Templates
  • Choose Your Own Tone
  • 3 Live Demos per Week
  • Instagram Posts & Freestyle (LinkedIn)
  • Easy Topic Edit Features & H2, H3 Tags

Benefits of Using


  • Choose the intention, goal, call to action (CTA) & flexible tone
  • Tons of specialized templates from Cover Letters to Press Releases
  • Great for inspiration beyond just writing, helps with outlining & brainstorming
  • A lower price than competitors and growing features with the AI learning from mistakes


  • Doesn’t support Notion, Google Docs, or have a plagiarism checker
  • Product needs to be edited, especially the longer form content
  • Pay per word model can get pricy very quickly


keewee ai tool


Free Trial

Yes. 2,000 words per month with no credit card required. There is also a separate 7-day trial of Pro


13. Outranking: SEO Planning, Writing & Optimization Platform

A balanced tool that helps you plan, write and optimize your content.

seo tools

A. Automate: Generate plans, first drafts, topic clusters, briefs, and more in minutes instead of hours. Use your new free time to start your next project.

B. Collaborate: Work with the AI. Build outlines with H2 and H3 headings using a friendly and easy-to-use drag-and-drop UI. Blog posts that are 80-90% complete and sound human-made.

C. Optimize: Alt tags, NLP topics, anchor text, links, and more. Track and fix over time. Semantic keyword research combined with SERP analysis creates more effective results.

Outranking lifetime deal with these features (across all plans):

  • SEO Brief Automation
  • Historical Post Optimization
  • 40+ On-Page SEO Optimization Factors
  • Snippet Optimization & Integration with GSC
  • Top 20 Ranking SERP Pages with NLP Extraction
  • internal Link Suggestions to up Your PageRank Faster
  • FAQ Generator, Pros & Cons Extraction from Customer Reviews

Benefits of Using Outranking


  • Content is concise with no fluff or unrelated tangents
  • Not a pay-per-word model Outranking bills and restricts in number of articles
  • Real-time SERP analytics and NLP create a big advantage in understanding search intention
  • Integrate with WordPress, Google Docs, Grammarly, & GSC – a good mix of code and content optimizations


  • Not the most user-friendly UI or navigation – improvements happen but tooltips can lag behind
  • 1 user account for the same price as other AI-powered SEO software that gives 5 accounts
  • Not as many templates but that’s because your writing team is more hands-on


business plan ai


Free Trial

No. But you can request a demo. But you can check this website for Outranking lifetime deal.


14. Inkforall: Write & Analyze

SEO tools, writing, and analysis together in one user-friendly, human-quality package.


A. ROI Writing Assistant: Lower your cost per word by using INK tools in your content planning and creation phases. Less time brainstorming and drafting means faster results.

B. All-in-One: Instead of using one tool for SEO, one to write, and one to analyze, Inkforall does all 3. They claim your INK content will be 450% more likely to reach page 1.

C. Emotional Intelligence: INK doesn’t just assess keywords, it analyses semantic concepts to rank organically and sound human. INK content doesn’t get flagged as AI-generated.

Features (across all plans):

  • NLO Upgrade
  • 20+ Languages
  • AI Art Generator
  • 130+ Templates
  • 130+ Training Videos
  • Keyword Clustering AI
  • Integrate with WordPress

Benefits of Using Inkforall


  • Unlimited AI, no paying per word (keyword clusters are created on a credit basis)
  • INK KUPE AI option can rewrite content without altering the meaning or confusing facts
  • A Facebook community, dyslexia mode, and command mode make INK extra accessible
  • Using “Professional mode,” INK AI writes as if it has 10 years of job experience in your field


  • Some niche keywords aren’t as clear or useful as general topics
  • No current integration with HubSpot
  • Only available in English


business plan ai


Free Trial

Yes. Try 2,000 words, 3 SEO optimizations, and 12 AI images per month. No credit card is required.

FREE Inkforall

15. SERPstat: SEO Platform for Analysis & Tracking

Your very own “Swiss-Army Knife” for automating SEO software tools.


A. Gather Information: Use over 20 tools to analyze and plan SEO, PPC, SEM, and organic traffic. With 4,000+ searches per day and 1,000,000 export rows per month, you’ll be rolling in data.

B. Organize Your Approach: With trackers, auditors, and daily updates, you can shift your strategy just as fast as trends change. API access makes integrating with workflows easy.

C. Growing: Rank higher on Google and other search engines and enjoy new features that Serpstat rolls out frequently. As a fairly new company, they are very responsive to customer needs.

Features (across all plans):

  • Chrome Plugin & Review Alerts
  • 230 Google Databases & 50+ Tools
  • Collects Data Every Hour of Every Day
  • Coverage for Eastern European Markets
  • Compare Data Metrics Across 5 Databases Simultaneously
  • Project Tracking, History, Analytics & Content Optimization Tools
  • API Access for SERP Crawling, Search Volume, Domain Data & More

Benefits of Using SERPstat


  • Great for SEO & PPC specialists, content managers, digital marketers
  • Run keyword analysis on a schedule over time to see trends in your sector’s landscape
  • Keyword Clustering and Text Analysis create content that both ranks and makes sense
  • 5 Modules: Rank Tracking, Backlink Analysis, Keyword Research, Site Audit & Competitor Research


  • Some features and exports aren’t as detailed as other services
  • Google keyword search volume can be off from other tools
  • Not very intuitive or beginner friendly but the staff can help


copy blocks review


Free Trial

Yes. Get a 7-day free trial but a credit card is required. Get a huge Serpstat discount now!

FREE trial



How is AI Going to Change SEO?

Artificial intelligence tools make SEO research and execution faster, easier, and more accessible. People and businesses who learn how to harness the power of AI will succeed. Those who try to keep using old methods will go the way of the 8-track tape and door-to-door salesmen.

Can AI SEO Tools help me build an Effective Content Strategy?


AI SEO software gathers data in real-time so you can adapt to trends, viral topics, and trending keywords faster. No more combing through data or reacting to trends two weeks late.

AI-Powered Writing produces content up to 10x faster than human writers. The most powerful collaborations are AI content planning (content briefs or outlines) combined with human editors and writing teams.

AI SEO Page or Domain Audits help you adjust future and previously posted content so it can stay relevant in new Google algorithm changes.

How Important Is SEO As Part of Affiliate Marketing Strategy?

SEO is make-or-break for affiliate marketing. If you aren’t ranking on page 1, you’re losing money.

Stop paying for SEO keywords, brand strategy, and copywriting. Use the best AI SEO + writing tool for your needs with a copy editor and watch your numbers climb. With the time you save, you can create another affiliate sales page. Rinse. Rank. Repeat. Win-win-win.

Wrap Up

If you’re on the fence about using AI for your SEO or content, don’t hesitate anymore. Try out any of these 15 tools. See how much time you save. And how high you climb in the rankings.

When all of your competition uses these AI tools, you won’t be able to keep up. They’ll be spending less time, and less money, and churning out content faster than your whole team can.

Work smarter not harder – let AI take research, planning, first drafts, and auditing off your plate. Imagine what you can accomplish with all that saved time. And all those extra dollars. Get started today.

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